Performance Tracking

OLP Dashboard

Current and historical information on market allocations, expected/earned rewards, scores per market, and eligibility can be found on the OLP Dashboard in the Injective Trading Portal.

Snapshot data can be found under the Scores tab. CSV files can also be downloaded in the Scores tab to view scores for all addresses and all markets at the same timeβ€”this information may be helpful for market participants that wish to view data on a broad level.

OLP data for current and previous epochs can also be queried programmatically:

Epochs and Markets:
curl -s -X POST
Rewards per Address:
curl -s -d '{"epochId":"epoch_231128_231225"}' -X POST
Rewards in a Market:
curl -X POST -d '{"epochId": "epoch_240123_240219", "marketId":"0x4ca0f92fc28be0c9761326016b5a1a2177dd6375558365116b5bdda9abc229ce", "page": {"perPage": 200}}'
Snapshots for Address:
curl -X POST -d '{"epochId": "epoch_240123_240219", "accountAddress": "<INSERT MM ADDRESS>", "marketId":"0x4ca0f92fc28be0c9761326016b5a1a2177dd6375558365116b5bdda9abc229ce", "page": {"perPage": 200}}'

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