Reward Allocations

OLP Reward Allocations to Markets and Market Makers

Market Reward Allocations

Rewards are allocated to eligible markets in two different methods:

  1. Static allocations

  2. Static allocations with a dynamic component

Static Market Reward Allocations (Preallocations)

16.25% of INJ rewards will be preallocated to the BTC/USDT Perp market, 16.25% will be preallocated to the ETH/USDT Perp market, and 12.5% will be preallocated to the INJ/USDT Perp market. 1% will be preallocated to each remaining eligible market as a minimum allocation:

MarketTotal Allocation







Other Eligible Markets

1% each + formula based allocation, with reward cap based on formula (see table below)

Static allocations may change over time as more markets are added to the eligible list

Dynamic Market Reward Allocations

The remaining rewards will be allocated to the eligible markets (excluding BTC/ETH/INJ Perps) based on the following equation:

RewardsMarketi=TARāˆ—PreallocationMarketi+TARāˆ—(1āˆ’PreallocationTotal)āˆ—āˆ‘MM(LSMM,Ā Marketi)0.7āˆ—VolumeMM,Ā Marketiāˆ‘Marketāˆ‘MM(LSMM,Ā Market)0.7āˆ—VolumeMM,Ā MarketRewards_{Market_i} = TAR * Preallocation_{Market_i} + TAR * (1- Preallocation_{Total}) *\newline \frac {\sum\limits_{MM} (LS_{MM,\ Market_i})^{0.7} * Volume_{MM,\ Market_i}} {\sum\limits_{Market}\sum\limits_{MM} (LS_{MM,\ Market})^{0.7}*Volume_{MM,\ Market}}
wherePreallocationTotal=0.1625+0.1625+0.125+OtherĀ Preallocations\text{where} \quad Preallocation_{Total} = 0.1625+0.1625+0.125+Other\ Preallocations
andTAR=TotalĀ AvailableĀ Rewards\text{and} \quad TAR = Total\ Available\ Rewards

OtherĀ PreallocationsOther\ Preallocations refers to the static market reward allocations for non-BTC, ETH, and INJ perp markets.

For more information on TARTAR each epoch, see the Reward Pool page.

For each eligible market, the product of the ā€™s LS0.7LS^{0.7} and VolumeVolume is aggregated across all MMs. Rewards are allocated to each market based on the proportional aggregate products across all applicable markets. The preallocation amount (1%) for the market is also added in.

Markets Added Partway Through an Epoch

For markets added to the eligible list midway through an epoch, the 1% preallocation will be prorated. For example, if ARB/USDT is added on the 15th day of the epoch, then the market will receive a 0.5% preallocation (there are 14 days left out of 28. If there are 17 days left, then the market will receive 1728āˆ—0.01\frac {17}{28} * 0.01).

Market Allocation Cap

For each market that has dynamic reward allocations, a hard cap will be applied according to the following formula, where nn is the number of eligible markets excluding BTC, ETH, and INJ perps:

Rewardsmax=TARĀ āˆ—Ā 0.45nāˆ—2Rewards_{max} = TAR\ *\ \frac{0.45}{n}*2

Any reward allocations that exceed the cap will be redistributed amongst the other eligible markets according to the dynamic allocation formula.

# Eligible Markets Excluding BTC/ETH/INJ PerpsRewards Cap


17.50% of Total Available Rewards


15.00% of Total Available Rewards


13.13% of Total Available Rewards


11.67% of Total Available Rewards


10.50% of Total Available Rewards


9.55% of Total Available Rewards


8.75% of Total Available Rewards



Market Maker Reward Allocations

Rewards to individual will be allocated based on the following equation:

RewardsMMi=āˆ‘Market(RewardsMarketāˆ—TSMMi,Ā Marketāˆ‘MMTSMM,Ā Market)Rewards_{MM_i} = \sum_{Market}\left(Rewards_{Market} * \frac {TS_{MM_i, \ Market}} {\sum_{MM} TS_{MM,\ Market}} \right)

Each will receive rewards based on the ā€™s proportional TSTS within the market, subject to governance approval.

Rewards for addresses totaling < 1 INJ at the end of each epoch will be disregarded to reduce the overhead of the disbursement process.

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